Jo Said is a mother/daughter team. Together they have reimagined a different kind of life-cycle for vintage and mid-century modern fabrics & textiles. They self-source authentic, nostalgic pieces of the past, then blend them with modern, eco-friendly product. Their fabrics date from 1930-1970, many of them from feed sacks and mid-century barkcloth.

With Steph's collection of fabrics, Maddie's creativity, and all of their experience and enthusiasm combined, Jo Said was born.

Stephanie has always worked in the fashion industry, and she currently manages a U.S. luxury client group at the largest (and best) online luxury resale company in the world. 

Maddie is the artist in the family. Her BA is in Psychology/Family & Human Development, and she is currently in school for Aesthetics. She and her husband have a dog named Odie.


 Stephanie Jo & Madeleine Jo